10/26/05, 10/31/05, 11/1/05, 11/2/05, 11/3/05, 11/4/05, 11/5/05

Total engine rebuild less crank rebuild - upper end and installation in frame

Background: This is a continuation of the lower end rebuild process posted a few weeks ago. Notes and pics below.

Problems: There were a few things that had been bugging me since the last build of this motor. I attempted to remedy them this time around. They are:

Approach: Get busy. My deadline of 11/6 was fast approaching and my motor was still sitting up on the bench. No good. My buddies in Philly were starting to call and harass me daily to get it done in time. Jeffrey was unavailable for a few sessions so I brought in a willing, if green, new guy. I realized in Jeffrey's absence that we had grown to be quite a polished team in the shop from working so much together. I had been spoiled (and unaware of it) by always having been handed the correct wrench, the right parts, my preferred tools, etc. He did show up unannounced just in time to help me install the cylinders over the rings and torque the base nuts. Thanks. We finished it up on Saturday afternoon after a major marathon. Complications (some bike-related, some not) kept us from making Philly that night although I did meet my other goal of having a bike to ride all that Sunday, which was unseasonably warm t-shirt weather. Ahhhh. . .




Valve cover surfaces ground flat

Heads walnut shell blasted

Valve seats lapped

Valve stem oil seals installed

Valves installed

Rocker blocks and arms prepped and installed

Valves done

Cylinders and pistons back from Broadway Choppers in Schenectady (thanks Lee!)

Valve pockets smoothed, pistons polished

Piston ring gaps checked

Base gaskets measured

Cleaning cylinders thoroughly before installation

Pistons and clips installed

Cylinder installed

Turning base nuts to fit cylinder

Cylinder and base nuts installed and torqued

Lower end back in frame

Measuring front motor mount gap

VERY special top-secret shim stock (.005")

Motor mount shims done

Base nut tool ground to fit

Engine torque plate installed (Fab Kevin makes a nice all-business part for a good price)

Clearance valve cover gaskets for valve top collars

Valve cover studs, gasket, cover, nuts installed

Heads done

Heads installed

Manifold installed

Exhaust installed and sealed

Belt drive and timing pointer installed

Oil lines, fittings, and filter installed

Carb installed

First start!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gas tanks installed


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