El Guapo After a Full Rebuild


This is a 1964 Harley Duoglide, named El Guapo by my friend Paul who previously owned it, after a three month rebuild. I made every effort to keep it 100% original as found. Full rebuild includes star hubs, rims true, all bearings serviced, tank crack fixed, engine tuneup, tedious Linkert rebuild & fine tune, rewire, all fasteners inspected & replaced where necessary (plenty of 1038s left), all control cables serviced/replaced, brakes, fluids, lighting, handlebar bushings, broken horn painstakingly repaired, manifold setup correctly, etc. Still has the oem single-fire points ignition. It's now truly a one-kick bike, you can almost start it by hand as I left it a 74" low-compression motor. The only modifications from stock are a Cycle Electric 6V generator and regulator, a K&N air cleaner element and an Andrews #1 camshaft for low compression motors. Rode it home on the highway last night and it does 75mph effortlessly.

Jason - November, 2009



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